Today is the 5th Sunday of Lent. The mass readings remind us that God is capable of great things. God dwells in those of us who are living in the spirit and not in the flesh. Our Gospel story is that of Jesus raising his friend Lazaus back to life. Jesus receives a message that someone he loves is sick, and we witness him in the very human emotion of mourning. Yet in this story, we are given an opportunity to marvel in the wonders that is God.
Here is a link to a page on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s website. Courageous Communion The page offers some helpful ideas for prayer and reflection, including resources to celebrate Holy Week at home.
This link gives parents the ability to prayerfully have a youth friendly “mass” at home. It is created for parents to do with children of all ages, directions and guidelines are easy to follow. Worship@Home There are video songs, it uses the children lectionary for mass reading and bible based videos for enhanced attraction.
Here are some printable activities for your children to do.