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Thanks for offering your service to St. Sebastian Parish.

The Milwaukee Archdiocesan program, “Safeguarding All God’s Family,” provides training and education to make us more aware of the problem of sexual abuse and how we can help to keep our children safe. The program is mandatory for all staff members and volunteers who have regular contact with children. It focuses on the signs of sexual abuse among the children with whom we have contact in our neighborhoods and schools, and the signals given off by those who would abuse. Information also is provided for reporting suspected cases of abuse. Please review these frequently asked questions about the program.

In order to be COMPLIANT and thus allowed to work with children, each person must do the following:

  • Attend Class – Safeguarding All God’s Family training involves a 2 1/2 to 3-hour session conducted by trained facilitators. Classes are listed here, and registration is required. If you need help registering, please contact either Joann Perleberg, Heather Grams, or Ed Duncklee.
  • Verify Attendance –Please download the Attendance Verification Form, have it signed by the trainer
  • Sign the Code of Ethics – Please download copies of the Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities and Code of Ethics, then sign the last page affirming your commitment to act with integrity and live in conformity with what we believe and teach, and return it to Joann Perleberg at the Parish Office.
  • Agree to a Criminal Background Check – Please download a copy of the Background Check Authorization Form, review and sign it, and return it to Joann Perleberg at the Parish Office. As has become common practice in nearly all places of employment and organizations depending on volunteer workers, we will conduct a national criminal background check for all staff members and volunteers who have regular contact with children. The company we use is considered a Consumer Reporting Agency subject to the laws of the federal Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA). These laws require that before a consumer credit report (which includes criminal record checks) is completed, you receive a summary of your rights under the FCRA, and grant the parish the authority to obtain this report. WE WILL OBTAIN CRIMINAL RECORD CHECKS ONLY. WE WILL NOT OBTAIN CONSUMER CREDIT REPORTS. If you have any questions regarding the national criminal record check, please contact Joann Perleberg at 414-453-1061. Ext. 113.

We are grateful for your cooperation and commitment to assure a safe environment for our children. It is our hope that the training and safeguards that have been adopted for their protection will prove to be successful and stimulate continued active vigilance on their behalf. They depend on us for their well-being.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact