Canning jars made by companies like Mason, Ball and Kerr withstand high heat and pressure. They’re surprisingly expensive and for small farmers making jams, salsas and pickled products, the cost of canning jars cuts into already low profit margins. Thankfully canning jars can be used over and over again. So, if you have canning jars, please do not toss or recycle them. The Sustainability Team knows a few farmers who will use them. For four weeks starting —Sunday, April 23,—we’ll be collecting canning jars of all sizes. Look for the collection location in the Gathering Space. Pint and quart size jars should be marked with the brand names Mason, Ball or Kerr. Smaller jam or jelly jars might not be marked with the brand name but bring them in and we’ll sort them out. We’ll also collect the rings for the jars. Any questions or for pick up of a donation, contact Rhonda at 640.3805.

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