The alb and cincture are the foundation garments of liturgy.  The outer garments represent the office and actions of the ministers of the altar. The stole, worn around the neck of both priests and deacons, is the sign of office. A stole is worn whenever a priest or deacon is officiating a sacrament. The outer garment, a tunic-like vestment, is the chasuble. The color of the chasuble mark the liturgical season. While the chasuble originally were part of everyday clothing, they have come to represent clothing that is set apart. They represent the “yoke of service” to the Lord.

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  1. Why is it important to remember that in ministry, the priest or deacon is doing the work of Christ?
  2. A “yoke” is a bond of service. How are you “bound” to Christ in service? What service does the priest do at Mass?

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