It takes many hands, many minds, many talents, many generous persons to make a parish run and carry out its mission of service. That becomes an even greater task when those available to respond to the call are fewer in number. One of the more difficult tasks is preparing and managing a parish budget, keeping that budget in line with the parish mission, and keeping focus on long term trends and developments. These challenges fall to the Finance Council of every parish. As you may know, since the restructuring of the Pastoral and Finance Council structure by Archbishop Listecki in 2014, the Finance Council is made up of two appointees from the Pastoral Council, three from the pastor and the two parish trustees.

With the considerable guidance of Ms. Carole Poth, our Cluster Administrator, and competent direction of Ms. Joann Perleberg, our Cluster Finance Director, Mr. Tim Heeley has been chairing our Finance Council (and the Finance Committee before that) for many years serving as one of the pastor appointees. Mr. Mike Zielinski has served on the Council for two years and has chosen to move to the school committee.

I thank both of these men as they step down from the Council. Mr. Kevin Mullen, who has served the parish and especially the school for quite a few years, will continue to serve as a pastor appointee. I thank Kevin for his continued service. Ms. Katie Sanders, who serves on the Home & School Committee, has accepted the task of continuing to serve our parish, now as the second pastor appointee. Mr. Tom Mrotek, who had previously served on the Finance Committee, has agreed to serve as the third pastor appointee. I’m very grateful to both of these talented people for accepting this task, since they both bring the kinds of skill and knowledge that will benefit the parish.

Maricolette Walsh and Del Slowik have served as the two Pastoral Council appointees; Del’s term on Pastoral Council has ended and the new Pastoral Council will discern a new appointee to serve with Maricolette, if she is willing to continue, in August. Thank you, Del and Maricolette.

May the Holy Spirit guidenyour efforts always, and may all of us as parishioners offer our active support of these good people.

Fr. Larry Chapman


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