You may have already heard about The Amazing Parish – yes, I do mean our own Saint Sebastian Parish. But more specifically I’d like to share some information with you about the Amazing Parish Conference, held  October 17 – 19 in downtown Milwaukee.

Early this year Archbishop Listecki asked all pastors to plan on attending this conference along with up to four persons who could form a new Parish Leadership Team. Qualifications included:

  • Highly committed to the parish
  • Available for frequent teamwork
  • Team player in their makeup and style of work
  • Mature
  • Whole-parish oriented – able to look beyond specific ministries to a whole parish / parishes viewpoint.

I asked Carole Poth, Ed Duncklee, Deacon Ralph Kornburger, and Margaret Wiemer to be on our joint Parish Leadership Team, and they generously accepted and participated in last week’s conference.

The event was an opportunity for the five of us to develop teamwork in action by learning more about each other, especially our styles of interaction and a bit of our personal history. We also learned styles of conducting more effective meetings and experienced opportunities to pray together and share our personal faith. Our Parish Leadership Team plans to meet weekly to help in the day-to-day and week-to-week operational work of the parishes in assistance to the pastor. This is in contrast to the more “vision responsibility” of the Pastoral and Finance Council and the more specific focused attention of each committee of these Councils.

If the Parish Leadership Team does its work well, it will make the work of all other parish councils, committees and organizations do their ministry and function more effectively. It certainly does not take the place of any of these parish groups. Watch how this will happen in practice at our parishes and across the Archdiocese. We will see this through the presence of the Holy Spirit and specific gifts and interactions between the Parish Leadership Team and all the groups, volunteers and paid staff of the parishes.

Please join our team in praying that the amazing grace God gives to our parishes and all its leaders may continue to make them the particular communities they are in service to enrich our neighborhoods and beyond. Contact any one of us on our team with any amazing inspirations the spirit may give you to make our parishes even more amazing.

Fr. Larry Chapman and Our Parish Leadership Team 
Fr. Larry: or
Carole Poth: or
Ed Duncklee: or
Deacon Ralph Kornburger:
Margaret Wiemer:

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