In the words of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Baruch, Zephaniah, and Micah, we have been invited this Advent to urgently make a straight path to our God, to rejoice in the justice, the peace, the life of God in our midst.  We whose efforts toward kindness and encouragement may seem worthless, like a dead tree stump, are reinvigorated as shoots of gladness and conviction because of the life of God among us.

Now as Christmas dawns again on this earth, with all its divisions, war zones, and broken dreams and promises, LIGHT shines on, overcomes, dispels DARKNESS. The weight of our own personal failures and insufficiencies; the worry of our families, neighborhoods, cities being further victimized by violence; the fear of a world running amuck – in all of this GOD COMES AMONG US.

We do not simply recall the birth of a Savior about 2,000 years ago.  We welcome a new presence of peace, security, LIGHT that our God wants us to know again this year.  There is no reason for the followers of Jesus to be anything less than hope-filled.  There is no reason to give up on even the smallest efforts to bring reconciliation to our families, friends and neighborhoods, perhaps not realizing how powerfully these small acts reverberate well beyond our line of vision.

There is every reason to sing Christmas songs with vigor this year, to know that a Savior is reborn again in and among us this year. There is every reason to wish the best to one another in sincere holiday greetings.  And right there in our interactions, in our midst, is the LIGHT of a loving God once again, NEVER to be extinguished!

On behalf of the entire Pastoral, Office, School, Faith Formation, Maintenance people, Councils, Committees and organizations MERRY CHRISTMAS, Saint Sebastian and Saint Catherine families.  May the life of the Risen Lord Jesus burn brightly in our midst as “the LIGHT for the whole human race, shining in darkness and the darkness never overcomes it. “  (John 1: 4-5.)

From your St. Sebastian staff:

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