April 28

9:15-10:15 a.m.

Multipurpose Room

The Catholic faith has seemingly endless rules, which are interpreted in various ways. Many men and women face a spiritual struggle deciding between obeying church laws versus following their own consciences, especially when they conflict with one another. If we disagree with church teachings, are we still considered “faithful?”  It’s magnified throughout society as people wrestle with definitions of right and wrong. What tools do you need to navigate your spirituality in all of this?

Join other curious parishioners in a discussion led by pastoral associate Mike Kamenski and featuring Mary Homan, lay Catholic theologian and St. Sebastian parishioner. Come with questions and open hearts. Be prepared for challenging and spirited discussion. Questions? Contact Mike Kamenski, 414-453-1928 or mkamenski@saintsebs.org.

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