Recently, the Milwaukee Record published a review of the St. Sebastian Parish fish fry. You can read it here.

We might take our Friday night event for granted, because it’s been around for more than 50 years. But when a complete stranger says this about our gathering, you know it’s more than just dinner:

  • Throughout the cafeteria were about 20 or so “Fry Kids.” Decked out in bright lime-green shirts—probably so adults were less likely to run into them (I saw a few close calls)—they weaved around tables, bringing people their food and clearing away trash. Hardworking and polite, they were one of the main reasons why everything was running relatively smoothly in the cafeteria, despite how busy it was. They were learning the value of service to others and life skills, as well as the importance of a Friday night fish fry. 
  • The Saint Sebastian fish fry is an institution that everyone should go to at least once. Sure, you can get better cod at some other places (although not many), and the salad bar isn’t the best in the city, but everything is still of high quality. In addition, there is something else that is happening here that draws you in, and you can’t describe with food adjectives. It’s the multiple lines you have to stand in. It’s the diagram taped on the wall halfway down the stairs. It’s the beverage cart in the hallway. It’s the Fry Kids. It’s the giant bowls of food and long tables. It’s the beautiful madness of it all.

Thanks to all of our faithful volunteers and loyal patrons – we could not do this without you!

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