Living YOUR Baptism

Each time we celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism in our community, the entire community pledges to support the parents as they raise their child in the faith.  This is a powerful action – it is not symbolic, it is real.  We have an immediate need for two couples who will assist in preparing parents as they come to celebrate Baptism.  Our preparation process is designed to be relational, not educational.  We meet with parents, review the rituals of Baptism, and discuss the ways that we pass on the faith – love out the promise to raise our children in the faith.

Couples who are part of the Baptism Team meet about three times each year on a day and time of their choice – either in their own home or at the parish.  If this opportunity interests you, please contact Ed Duncklee {414-453-7150 ex 125  or }

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