We all lament the austere measures both church and state are taking in order to keep society safe and (literally) alive. And yet, these are the prudent things we should all be doing. So, a reminder: in addition to social distancing and washing of hands, PLEASE STAY HOME for (at least) the next two weeks.

The pastoral staff at St. Sebastian has virtual meetings daily to keep each other abreast of all latest news, to brainstorm needs of and responses to the parish which we serve. We also do personal sharing so that we remain connected and supported as best we can. The well-being of the St. Sebastian staff as well as the care for the entire parish of St. Sebastian are the highest priorities for Fr. Peter Patrick.

Please know that we hold all of you in our prayers. Fr. Peter Patrick offers a daily hour of prayer in the church between 3-4:00 p.m. seven days a week, keeping vigil on behalf of all parishioners. Please keep him in your prayers, as well as all those who are suffering during this crisis.

As a community, we are learning about patience. After much study, consideration and debate we have decided to not distribute palms on Palm Sunday (April 5). The palms already have arrived, and Fr. Peter Patrick will bless them. Just as we anticipate better times ahead, the palms will be held in refrigeration, keeping safe for distribution at a future time.

The pastor and pastoral staff want all of you to stay healthy during this dangerous pandemic. By each of us doing small things and by leaders of church and state putting large things in place, we can all make a hugely positive effect on the well-being of society.

If anyone has questions about this or other related matters, please call me, 414-852-1854.

Mike Kamenski

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