Keeping a safe social distance, we recorded the Mass for Sunday, March 29 with Fr. Peter Patrick.

  • Click here or below to watch the service. No music this time, but we’ll find a way to add it in the future.
  • Click here to follow along with the readings and the highlights of Father’s homily, along with additional reflections from Mike Kamenski.
  • Click here for a children’s version of the readings and activities from Worship@Home. Additional thoughts from Margaret Lee here.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday, March 29 – Watch St. Sebastian Mass Video

  1. The Video stopped at 11:13 minutes and just repeated. I so appreciate the effort of all of you who were involved.

    • Thanks for letting us know! Try refreshing your browser by closing the website and opening it again. It could be that many people are watching at once.

  2. The Mass and the music and reflections were wonderful. Thank you so much for providing this for our community. It was a very nice way to be reminded of and stay connected with the St. Sebs. and larger community.

  3. Thank you for doing this. This is the only connection I have with my parish right now. It’s good to see our pastor.

  4. That was very comforting.
    We appreciate the opportunity to pray together under these challenging circumstances.
    Thank you Father and everyone.

  5. Thank you Father Peter Patrick. We are missing everyone and looking forward to when we can worship together in person.

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