St. Sebastian is rescinding the message we urgently sent out Saturday evening regarding the positive test result of a liturgical minister who had contact with parish staff. As an unfortunate result of communication error from the County Health Department, Saturday’s message given to the parishioner was inaccurate. The State called today, Sunday morning, to formally alert the parishioner that the State Lab test result is, in fact, negative  and that this definitive test result negates the previous two quick-test results provided to the parishioner late last week.
As you can tell, St. Sebastian is committed to the accurate and timely sharing of information with our parishioners to the best of our ability.  This was a test of our communication system at the parish. We want the parish to feel comfortable that the Pastor, all Staff and all committees are committed to quickly and accurately discerning facts about serious matters and to the quick sharing of that information with parishioners so that all may make informed decisions about these important matters.
Let us continue to be vigilant in the methodical practice of our safety protocol, at home, at work, in the grocery stores and at Church. The rampant presence and nature of this virus is cause for serious concern on the part of all Church and civic leaders and especially for the entire community. Let us walk forward in faith, grateful to a generous God and mindful of our own personal responsibilities to our self, our family and also to our “neighbor.”


  1. We thank the parish for it’s candor and transparency. Our prayers for the cantor and all ministers of the parish who are now in quarantine, May the Lord heal and protect them.
    Judy and Tim Hill

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