This has been a tough year. It has brought a lot of stress, anxiety and depression to many adults. If we adults are troubled processing all this, how do we expect the young ones to deal with it? We are being called to be the voice that promises tomorrow; we should not assume everything is all right for them. We are being called to be like Prophet Isaiah and John the Baptist to the young ones and all those who are despairing because of the hardship of this life.

Today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent, called the Joyful Sunday because we are so excited about Christmas coming. Good news is at the core of the readings. John the Baptist does what every true Christian ought to do – turn attention away from yourself and focus on Jesus, who is tomorrow’s promise, who offers a message of hope and eternal life. John came to prepare the way for Christ; what about you and me? How are we preparing the way for Christ and leading others to him? Let us be intentional disciples of Jesus in how we live our lives every day. Let us be a herald of tomorrow’s promise.

Anticipate Sunday, December 13

  • Mass Readings – As you read the scripture readings think about seeing the light in the darkness.
  • Adult & Teen Formation – Minister Margaret Lee presents prayers and practices to help us recognize the presence of Jesus in our midst.
  • Reflections on the Readings and Music – Mike Kamenski presents reflections on two versions of the Magnificat and a reflection called “Holy Darkness” by Father John Foley, SJ.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are attending Mass on site, please review the safety procedures including a video message from Fr. Peter Patrick. If you or anyone in your household has virus symptoms, please stay home.  Reminder: Face masks should cover both mouth and nose.

Christmas Services are by reservation only.

Other News

  • Weekly Interview – This week’s guest on “Getting to Know You with Jon Metz” is Joann Perleberg our Cluster Finance Director.
  • Christmas Message – Archbishop Listecki’s Christmas letter is about Christ being the light in the darkness.
  • Facing Racism – “Advent Made Simple” is a free daily program with short video reflections from an amazing group of black Catholic speakers to help you grow in your faith. If you would like to receive these daily emails please sign up at or search for “advent made simple” in Google or other search engine.
  • Sunday Concert – Mike Kamenski’s Sunday Concert will be in the afternoon.  You will find it on the parish Facebook page.

If someone you know needs our prayers,  send requests to If you would like to receive the parish newsletter or bulletin in the mail or are in need of some assistance, please be sure to let us know at or 414-453-1061.

God is good all the time; all the time God is good.
Blessings of peace and gratitude.

Father Peter Patrick Kimani
St. Sebastian & St. Catherine Parishes

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