Our parishes are working harder than ever to keep everyone safe from Covid-19 this Christmas.  Every parish across the archdiocese has put cleaning and sanitizing procedures in place.  While all of our parishes do have seating limits to ensure social distancing, many have added additional Christmas Mass times, and some of our parishes are using registration programs to ensure there is enough room for everyone.

We encourage you to check with the parish you would like to attend to confirm Mass times, and to reserve seating, if needed.  If you make a sincere attempt to attend Mass, but capacity restrictions make it impossible, the obligation to attend Mass is lifted.

If you find that your parish’s seating capacity has been filled, and you’re unable to attend another Mass time at that parish, please visit www.archmil.org, and click “Find a Mass” for Mass times at other parishes.

Other options:  Join the archdiocesan Masses at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in Milwaukee:

Thursday, December 24 – Midnight Mass – broadcasted live on WISN Channel 12

Friday, December 25 – 9 a.m. Mass – broadcasted live on Fox6

Please join us for worship, giving thanks to God, the Father, for the gift of His Son.

A blessed Advent!

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