On Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphanies are all around us if we are alert to their presence. These personal epiphanies convince us there is a God in our midst in all situations and circumstances. Epiphany moments help us to grow spiritually and as human beings; they uplift us when we are down.

We don’t need to travel far like the Magi seeking to see Jesus. Jesus is God with us, “Emmanuel.” He lives in each one of us, in others and also in nature. We need to share the experience and guidance of other spiritual persons who can teach us what we do not yet know. Let us always remember to recognize who lives in each of us.

Best wishes for a blessed New Year!

Anticipate Friday, January 1, and Sunday, January 3 – note that musical and spiritual reflections below include this Sunday – the Feast of the Epiphany – and also Christmas Day and the Solemnity of Mary.

  • Homily, Music and Readings for the Solemnity of Mary on January 1 – These are posted on the website.
  • Mass Readings, Music and Prayer – As you read the scripture readings for Sunday think about your epiphany moments. Follow along with songs and prayer.
  • Reflections on the Readings and Music – Mike Kamenski presents three videos (one suggested by Fr. Peter Patrick) and a reflection called “Seeing” about seeing beyond and having insights.
  • Christmas Music and Reflections – Mike presents three videos to enjoy and a reflection from Fr. Bryan Massingale called “The Christmas Story …. for grown ups.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are attending Mass on site, please review the safety procedures including a video message from Fr. Peter Patrick. If you or anyone in your household has virus symptoms, please stay home.  Reminder: Face masks should cover both mouth and nose.

Other News

  • Let the Good Times Roll! – Celebrate Mardi Gras St. Seb’s style by participating in our Virtual Auction, February 14-20. Sponsorships, donations of vacation rentals, gift cards, raffle items, other items of value will be greatly appreciated. Contact the St. Seb’s 2021 Auction Committee at auction@saintsebs.org and one of the committee members will get back to you promptly.
  • Embracing Peace and Joy – A Christmas Eve Homily from Deacon Jim Matthias.
  • Sunday Concert – Mike Kamenski’s Sunday Concert will be in the afternoon.  You will find it on the parish Facebook page.

If someone you know needs our prayers,  send requests to wepray@saintsebs.org. If you would like to receive the parish newsletter or bulletin in the mail or are in need of some assistance, please be sure to let us know at saintsebs@saintsebs.org or 414-453-1061.

God is good all the time; all the time God is good.
Blessings of peace and gratitude.

Father Peter Patrick Kimani
St. Sebastian & St. Catherine Parishes

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