Love Without Limits – 2016 Stewardship Campaign

Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily activities that we don’t take time to actually recognize all of the gifts and blessings that God provides us each and every day! I am grateful that God has placed me in the Saint Sebastian faith community. Our parish is embarking upon a campaign that we are calling Love Without Limits.

Here’s a link to make your pledge.

You may be inspired by the parishioners who have stepped forward to give lay witness talks at the Masses on October 30 and November 6 — see below.  Giving witness is an expression of the good news by the parishioners. It is about how we take the gifts from God and share them with others. It is to help all parishioners think about how God works in their lives.

Andrew Zeidler

Zielinski Family

Judy Ballard

CJ Murray

I hope you will prayerfully consider responding accordingly.

Blessing of peace and gratitude, Fr. Larry

Questions? Contact Carole Poth, Cluster Administrator – (414) 453-1061 ext 126