Your attorney can help you design an estate plan that protects your family, preserves your property and benefits Saint Sebastian Parish and its ministries. You can bequeath a percentage of your estate, a dollar amount, or remainder of your estate to Saint Sebastian Parish.

Once you sign a new will naming Saint Sebastian Parish as a beneficiary, please be sure to inform us so that we can say thank you!

Useful Information for Making a Bequest to Saint Sebastian Parish:

     Legal Name: Saint Sebastian Parish

     Address: 5400 West Washington Boulevard, Milwaukee, WI  53208

     Federal Tax Identification Number: 39-0846407

“I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Saint Sebastian Parish, Milwaukee, Wisconsin  _______-percent of my net residuary estate (or the sum of $_______, or the rest and residue of my estate after payment of the foregoing bequests). This is an unrestricted gift and may be used to further the mission of Saint Sebastian Parish.”

Upon request, we are pleased to provide the necessary tax exemption letter to your attorney or financial advisor.

Contact:  Carole Poth at