In the Milwaukee archdiocese, the sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated by juniors and seniors in high school most often at their home parish.

At St. Sebastian, classes meet on Sundays 4:00 – 5:30 pm. We will hold three sessions with sponsors or parents at 9:00 a.m. rather than the regularly scheduled time. Regular attendance and participation at mass and at our catechetical sessions are required.

The confirmation preparation process consists of the following components:

  • Word – Confirmation preparation itself is concerned with the Rite of Confirmation and the signs, symbols and images related to confirmation.  It focuses on the life of Christian discipleship lived in the context of a Catholic Community.  Ingredients of the message component of preparation include: baptismal vows, prayer, the Creed, scripture, Catholic Social Teaching, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the specific rite and symbols of Confirmation
  • Worship – The worship component of confirmation preparation includes opportunities for deepening prayer and faith.  Commitment to Eucharist and Eucharistic participation are central in the life of a fully initiated Catholic Christian.  Saying “Yes” to confirmation means saying “Yes” to participation in a Eucharistic community.
  • Community – Confirmation preparation takes place in the context of community.  Confirmation candidates need committed adults to lead them to a recognition of and identification with the Christian community.  For this reason, it is important that the total parish feel a part of the process.
  • Service – As part of the preparation for confirmation, the involvement in community service is critical.  “The experience of Christian community leads naturally to service.”  To live as Christ lived is to live a life that responds to the needs of others – at home, at school, in the community.  While service is an essential component of the preparation for confirmation, it should be seen as constitutive of the gospel than as a project to be counted.

2021-22 Confirmation Information