September 24th – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Fr. Larry Chapman    Landowner hires those not working for his field and pays all the same wage, regardless of how long they worked. For some, a difficult gospel to hear, making us uneasy, but sometimes/often, the gospel is intended to move us from our comfort zone to a place where serious questions are debated. 
September 17th – 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Fr. Larry Chapman    “Forgiveness” People are not perfect; the church is not perfect. There will always be need of forgiveness. If God is love and if forgiveness is one of the most important aspects of love, AND IF we are made in the image and likeness of our God, THEN… we need both as individuals and as a church, a society, a race, a gender… to be forgiving, even if it takes a lifetime to achieve. 
September 10th – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Fr. Larry Chapman    “How do we handle disagreements?” “‘Love EVERYONE; I’ll sort the rest out later.’ Signed: God”
September 4th – Labor Day – Fr. Larry Chapman    Parable of the Talents “Does God micro-manage our lives, or does God leave the ongoing work of creation to us?” 
September 3rd- 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Fr. Larry Chapman  Take Up Your Cross and follow me- “What is the Word of God – burning in your heart – which you must both live and preach?” 
August 27th – Fr. Joe’s last homily at St. Sebastian – 8:00 am Mass