May 13th – 7th Sunday of Easter – The disciples went forth preaching the good news.                                                                                         “What gift do you have that the world needs”?  
May 6th – 6th Sunday of Easter – It was not you who chose me.  “God is (… “to” …) love”. (the verb) 
April 29th – 5th Sunday of Easter – I am the vine, you are the branches. “Connections”.  
April 22nd – 4th Sunday of Easter – “The Lord is my Shepherd.”                                                                                                                                         How do we hear the voice of the shepherd?” 
April 15th – 3rd Sunday of Easter – “You (we) are witnesses to these things”.  “Witnesses to …What??” 
April 8th – 2nd Sunday of Easter – Doubting Thomas – “Bargaining with God” 
April 8th – 2nd Sunday of Easter – Doubting Thomas – “Spiritual doubt” – Fr. Chuck  
April 1st – Easter Sunday – Where do we experience the risen Christ – Fr. Chuck 
March 29th – Holy Thursday – Lord’s Supper – “The ‘human’ experience of the last supper”  
March 25th – Palm Sunday – Passion of the Lord – “Mob rules” 
March 18th – 5th Sunday of Lent – If a grain of wheat dies; it produces much fruit.  “Passiontide”.