The forgiveness we receive in confessing our sins is not the result of our own efforts, but is the gift of the Holy Spirit reconciling us to God and to each other. Reconciliation calls us back to God, and embraces us with his infinite mercy and joy. – Pope Francis

Reconciliation (or Penance, formerly known as Confession) is one of two healing sacraments.

The sacrament is available only by appointment due to COVID-19 safety concerns.  You may schedule an appointment by contacting Fr. Peter Patrick Kimani at 414-453-1061 or

Children receive their First Reconciliation just prior to their First Eucharist. Preparation for both sacraments is done during the 2nd grade and includes parent/child meetings and a parent/child retreat. Click here to download 2020-21 Child Reconciliation and Eucharist registration materials.


Questions? Contact Joe Sheehan at 414-453-7150 or