Wintertide Liturgies 2018

St. Catherine,  St. Sebastian, Mother of Good Counsel

 Join us for these liturgies during this winter season.
Dec. 1 Sat.   9:30 a.m. Advent Reconciliation St. Catherine
Dec. 5 Wed.   6:30 p.m. Advent Reconciliation St. Sebastian
Dec. 8 Sat.   8:30 a.m. Immaculate Conception St. Catherine
  5:30 p.m. Auction Mass / 2nd Sunday of Advent St. Sebastian
Dec. 9 Sun.   9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Guadalupe St. Catherine
Dec.12 Wed.   7:00 p.m. Our Lady of Guadalupe Mother of Good Counsel
Dec. 24 Mon.   4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass 3:00 p.m. Pre-Mass Concert St. Catherine
  4:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass St. Sebastian
10:30 p.m. Christmas Eve mass 10:00 p.m. Pre-Mass Concert St. Sebastian
Dec. 25 Tue. 10:00 a.m. Christmas St. Catherine
10:30 a.m. Christmas St. Sebastian
Dec. 30 Sun.   8:00 a.m. Holy Family St. Sebastian
  9:00 a.m. St. Catherine
10:30 a.m. St. Sebastian
  6:00 p.m. St. Sebastian
Dec. 31 Mon.   5:00 p.m. Mary Mother of God Mother of Good Counsel
Jan. 1st Tue.   8:30 a.m. Mary Mother of God St. Sebastian

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits and I hope for his word.   Psalm 130 5