Bless Us, O Lord, and These Thy Gifts

9th Annual Winter Farmers’ Market and Brunch

St. Sebastian Church Hall, 1725 N 55th St., Milwaukee

Sunday, March 4, 2018

BRUNCH 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM; MARKET 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

 Do you say grace before each meal? Do you pause before “digging in” to recognize the bounty of God’s gifts present when we sit at table?

  • Gifts of sun, soil, seed and rain transformed into food that nourishes us.
  • Gifts of farmers who care for the land and skillfully coax from it the best it has to offer.
  • Gifts of cooks, chefs, bakers and other food artisans whose crafts delight us!
  • Gifts in the relationships, love & support of family and friends who join us in soul-satisfying meals.

Former parishioner, Nicki Nelson, once reminded us, “Every meal can be a spiritual practice that cultivates gratitude… and recognition of the abundance of God’s love and presence in our lives.”  Every farmers market can also be a spiritual practice where we connect with farmers through whom God’s gifts reach our tables.  The market presents an opportunity to thank and support local and earth-friendly small farmers and businesses.  Please join us on March 4th for an event intended to help us pause and say, “Bless us, O Lord, and these thy many delicious, nutritious, soil regenerative and earth sustaining gifts that we receive from thy great bounty.”

As always, the brunch ingredients are sourced almost entirely from farmers attending the market or other small producers.  (Menu and ticket info below.)  This year we expect 15 varied vendors at the market and ten of them, the most ever for our market, are selling product direct from their own farms. They represent a wide variety of growers from grass-fed livestock and organic vegetable farmers to orchard and bee keepers and even an alpaca farmer with woven products. Also at the market are local artisans including a baker, candy maker and Milwaukee’s only cheese maker, Clock Shadow Creamery. Click here for a full list of vendors go to

BRUNCH MENU:  Served 9am until 12noon.

  • Potato Egg Strata (veggie or sausage), Maple Cream Oatmeal Squares w/ Dried Cherries, Applesauce, Yogurt,
  • Granola, Silver Dollar Pancakes with Wisconsin Maple Syrup & Fruit Preserve, Local Apple Cider, Sassy Cow Milk, Valentine Coffee and assorted Teas.

Suggested donation for brunch:

  • At the door: $10 ages 13 & older; $6 ages 12 – 5; Free age 4 and under; $30 max per family.
  • In advance: $8 ages 13 & older; $5 ages 12 – 5; Free age 4 an under; $25 max per family.

If you want to help, here’s a list of duties. The St Sebastian volunteer portal is the preferred method to register. Please use this link to sign up anytime:  Or just can contact Tonia Schmear at or 262-754-2766.

Download and share this flyer! Please encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to join in this fun parish event. Questions? Any of our committee members can help: Rhonda VanPembrook, Allen Miller, Lena Stephenson, Annalisa Ragatz, Chris Kometer, Mark Hansen, and Tonia Schmear.

Thanks for your ongoing support!