How do we as Catholics respond to the sin of racism? How do we turn our sorrow for the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others into tangible action that builds a more just world? 

Before this recent reckoning with racial injustice began, our the Human Concerns and Christian Formation committees of St. Sebastian and St. Catherine felt called in the Spring of 2019 to form a Facing Racism group. The first year was dedicated to the goal of educating ourselves about racism and providing opportunities to take action against racism. 

Now, we have re-organized to help us focus on taking concrete actions for social justice, continuing our anti-racist education, and to provide a Catholic and anti-racist witness in our neighborhoods.

If you too feel the call to face racism and work towards justice, we extend the invitation for you to join the Facing Racism group, or participate in the anti-racism activities we will plan. Email to be added to our email list or to request further information.

Recent group updates:

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December 2020 Group Actions

October 2020 Group Actions

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