Who We Are

The El Salvador Committee works to promote justice, education, and advocacy on behalf of our sister community in Teosinte, El Salvador and other rural communities in this Central American nation. Volunteers help with advocacy and political awareness, needs assessment, fundraising, coordination of delegations and visits, translation, presentations, liturgical prayer, publicity, and communications.

Want to get involved? Contact Beth Hammer (email.)

Annual Events

The El Salvador Committee holds three annual events: The Way of the Cross in Lent, Las Pasadas in Advent, and the Repatriation Anniversary in August.

See photos of 2021’s Way of the Cross in Milwaukee and Teosinte:

Teosinte Crafts and Gifts

Unique Christmas gifts from Teosinte and El Salvador are available from the El Salvador Committee at St. Sebastian. Woven items from Teosinte include various Purses ($15-$30), Checkbook Covers ($10), Wallets ($10-$12), Backpacks ($35-$45), and Glasses cases ($10). There are also wooden crafts from El Salvador including Sacrament Crosses ($9), Various sizes/styles of Crosses ($9-$12), a variety of Christmas Ornaments ($5) and Key Chains ($5). Pictures of individual items available upon request. Home delivery is available. Please contact Sue Olson (email or 414.331.3558) for more information or to purchase any of these items.

You can purchase crosses online here.