One of the many reasons people say they love St. Sebastian Parish is that we are so welcoming. We hug, we say hello to strangers, we invite our in-laws and neighbors to jump in and volunteer.

At the 2014 parish auction, we embarked on The Welcome Project, raising funds in an effort to make the physical campus more welcoming. Working with parish staff, a group of volunteers developed a plan to make the school lobby lighter and safer. On weekends and over the summer, they spent hours installing new lights and tile and freshening up the area where hundreds of people first see the parish when they arrive at school, fish fry and basketball games. They also assessed the front of church on the Washington Boulevard side.

The work we accomplished led parishioners to consider other ways to make our church an even more welcoming spot in the neighborhood. After careful consideration and much debate, 2015 auction-goers contributed funds for two additional initiatives: an outdoor Prayer Garden featuring prayer benches, stone cross and privacy trellis, and an indoor information kiosk.  The first welcomes people to our space; the second makes it easy for them to find the information they need to get involved in our amazing programs that have a profound impact on our community: School, faith formation, social justice and many, many more..

With an almost 90-year-old church, work is ongoing. For more information, contact Rob Stephenson – robstephenson@sbcglobal.net

2016 Welcome Project

Largely completed in Fall 2016, the outdoor area is aimed at attracting more people to our building, resting and enjoying the peace of the surroundings.

2015 Welcome Project

This brief video produced by parishioners provides an update on the project’s initial phase and indicates a vision for the future, and we gathered a few photos to show how we progressed

2014 Welcome Project

Church Entrance

  • Remove existing deteriorating stone/mortar along stairs to approx 5”
  • Replace with new cream city brick/mortar for better salt resistance
  • Repair/rewire existing copper fixtures at bottom of stairs
  • Refeed electrical from building
  • Retrofit to energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Replace planters

School Entrance

  • Replace existing tile floor with new 12×24 architectural tile
  • Replace existing trash/recycling cans with new trophy case
  • Remove existing metal screen
  • Repair leak damage along exterior doors
  • Paint all walls, woodwork, railings and ceiling
  • Retrofit existing lighting to energy efficient LED lighting
  • Add 24-hour security lighting
  • Replace existing paper signage with permanent signage
  • Add new “Welcome” sign above concession stand
  • Replace existing walk-off mats with new logo mats
  • Replace existing electrical devices throughout
  • Replace existing gym doors with glass/aluminum storefront

In-Kind Partners/Sponsors

Several design and construction professionals who are members of the parish have stepped forward to offer their expert assistance in implementing the project.

    • Architectural/engineering: Mark Knapp
    • Masonry: Greg Kozina
    • Painting: Tom Ticcioni
    • General Construction: Marty Radocha
    • Electrical: Rob Stephenson