How do I put into action the need for social change in my community?

There will be a brief virtual information session at 6 PM on Thursday, December 10.

Through the lens of the Christian faith, Just Engagement is an eight-week module that invites you to look at different ways to engage in your own grassroots advocacy efforts. In small groups you will discern how your gifts, skills and passions are best utilized to create social change. This program includes grounding in Scripture, reflection on past and present social movements, wisdom from community advocates, tools for successful advocacy, and resources to support you and your group for the long haul as you actively impact social change. Find out more at

The Just Engagement program will be offered virtually on Thursdays beginning January 7. There will be eight 2½-hour modules and two 2½-hour retreats.

To attend the information session or register to join this program, contact Carole Poth at (414) 445-5115, extension 204, or at

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