Our Facing Racism group’s subgroup on Mass Incarceration urges you to contact Governor Evers by Feb 1 requesting he submit a criminal justice budget which significantly increases funding for Treatment and Diversion (TAD) – including AODA and mental health treatment. Historically each dollar spent on TAD saves two dollars in regular criminal justice expenses. Email Governor Evers or call 608-266-1212.
The Wisconsin Catholic Conference, the voice of our bishops in state government, has this to share about the TAD program:
“Despite the measurable success of the TAD Program, the need for greater funding is urgent. Current state funding is $4 million annually. The WCC joins the faith-based organizing network, WISDOM, and others in asking for a significant increase in TAD funding so that more counties can establish their own projects. In addition, the WCC urges the Legislature to ensure that sufficient high-quality treatment programs are available statewide, so that every offender who qualifies for treatment can receive timely and effective services.”
Pass along any questions or information you receive from Governor Evers’ office by emailing media@saintsebs.org. If you are interested in learning more about our Facing Racism group and/or its subgroup on Mass Incarceration, you may also email media@saintsebs.org with your name and contact information.

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