St. Sebastian Parish has designated the Youth Athletic Council (YAC) to implement and supervise the parish/school sports programs. This includes organizing and funding teams, selecting and training coaches, and generally oversee the athletic program. Sports include boys and girls basketball and volleyball, grades 5 through 8. An annual Awards Night is held every spring.

Policies and Fees

Complete the two forms below for each athlete.

We now have one form for both Volleyball and Basketball registration. Fill out one form per athlete. If the athlete is going to play both sports, please register or pre-register for both sports at the same time on one form. Please note that even though the form is for both sports, the fees are not due at the same time – the Volleyball fee is due the last week of May and the Basketball fee is due the first week of October. Your child will not be registered until the fee is received, even if the form has been turned in.

Volleyball runs from late August through October each year. Basketball runs from November through February each year.