Our parish thrives because parishioners with a variety of talents share their time with everyone. Working in a volunteer environment can be fabulously rewarding – and at the same time a tremendous challenge. Now more than ever we need passionate volunteers who can spend some time with us doing something they love. Each time parishioners step forward to lead, coordinate or just pitch in, they bring with them gifts that no one else can provide.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to meet people, have fun, and lend a hand, here is just a sampling of what St. Sebastian offers:

  • Communications – We’re looking for help promoting parish activities through the website, newsletter, social media and other options.
  • Buildings & Grounds – We’re looking for people to help improve our facility through painting, gardening and cleaning, as well as professionals who can offer technical expertise in facility management.
  • Education – We’re looking for people who can serve as advisors to the school, offering information on policy and programs.
  • Faith Formation – We’re looking for people who want to serve on the planning committee, as well as catechists/teachers for all levels of religious formation.
  • Finance – We’re looking for professionals who can review the general financial operations of the parish.
  • Home & School – We’re looking for volunteers to help organize and participate in many fun events connected with the school, from the fish fry to scrap drives.
  • Human Concerns – We’re looking for people who enjoy outreach through direct contact with those in need, as well as those who can help discern the needs of parishioners and the wider community.
  • Pastoral Council – We’re looking for those who want to assure the spiritual and social outreach goals of the parish are sustained, as well as professionals who can offer expertise in operational management.
  • Prayer & Worship – We’re looking for people who can provide help in baptism or wedding classes, participate in the choir or read at Mass, and offer assistance during times of bereavement – as well as others who can provide overall direction to the spiritual and liturgical life of the parish.
  • Stewardship & Development – We’re looking for people who help in our many parish activities, as well as those who can guide the committee in its effort to recruit, recognize and thank volunteers in all parish ministries.

Not sure where you belong?

Our Time & Talent Inventory can help you identify your unique gifts – gifts you can use to strengthen your relationship with God and at the same time, influence and help the parish community. Contact Stewardship Committee chair, Jill Schmidt at schmidy5@sbcglobal.net.