St. Sebastian is using its online Stewardship Portal helps parish event planners in many ways:

  • Builds a sense of community through a central calendar that shows our many activities.
  • Clarifies background check process to assure St. Sebastian is a safe place for kids and in compliance with Archdiocesan regulations. Click here for more information on the “Safeguarding All of God’s Family” program.
  • Collects information about volunteer interests and skills that can be used to recruit more volunteers in specific areas.
  • Allows better contact information for volunteers and organizers in case of emergencies or cancellations.
  • Helps volunteers record their hours of service – especially for students who are tracking service hours.
  • Allows collection of photos that can be used for marketing and promotion.
  • Puts a dollar value on the many hours of volunteer service, which can be used to show how committed people are to our parish and school community.

Best of all – although it may take some time to complete the initial information, the result will be a detailed plan for the event, which you can share with the person or committee taking over the planning duties in the future. Additionally, information about the event will be shared on the parish website.

If you have any questions about the Stewardship Portal, contact parish member and system developer Joe Cayen,