Anointing of the Sick expresses God’s merciful presence to the sick, the suffering and the aged. The Church accompanies us in facing the profound mystery of suffering and death. – Pope Francis

Anyone experiencing serious illness or serious imminent medical procedures is encouraged to experience the church’s second sacrament of healing: Anointing of the Sick. It is not reserved for persons close to death. Rather, it is intended to provide comfort and healing for anyone with serious physical, mental or spiritual concerns. This sacrament may be experienced in two ways:

  • Individually – At your home, the hospital, nursing home or other location. It may also include Reconciliation.
  • Communally – At Mass, either when such a service is scheduled for the community, or when someone requests it during a Sunday or weekday Mass.

Although some people may receive the sacrament more than once in their lives, it is not recommended to receive the sacrament more than once within twelve months.

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