As “one flesh,” married couples become living icons of God’s love in our world, building up the Church in unity and fidelity.
– Pope Francis

Because of its beautiful setting, spiritual significance and welcoming presence, St. Sebastian parish is often the site of weddings.
The sacrament of marriage in the Catholic church may be between:

  • Two baptized Roman Catholics or
  • A baptized Catholic and a person either practicing a particular faith tradition or not.

Couples should plan for a minimum of six months’ preparation for this sacrament, either at St. Sebastian or elsewhere, if the person lives out of the Milwaukee area.

If this is a second marriage, an annulment from the church may be required in addition to the civil divorce. Please contact the Liturgy office of St. Sebastian to speak with someone to determine your specific needs.

If you’re legally married but not in the church, you can request a “validation.” This grants the couple sacramental marriage in the eyes of the Catholic church.

Contact: Julia Galligan at 414-453-1061, extension 117 or